Hen’s party is a celebration that the bride-to-be looks forward to. Apart from the most important occasions such as birthdays and weddings, this function is also celebrated loudly. Are you planning a surprise party? Would she prefer a destination bachelorette outing or a reserved occasion? Different individuals celebrate it in various ways such as:

–    Hen’s weekend out

–    Destination bachelorette parties

–    Club night out

–    Private celebrations

If you’re planning to organize a party for your best friend, you should go over a few facts. Depending on how and when you’re planning to have it is another question that needs to be answered. Here are some tips for planning the best function to celebrate the last few days of singlehood of your friend: What type of personality is your friend? Not all of your friends act and prefer the same choices. Since, it’s all about the bride-to-be, you should know what her preferences are. If you’re the closest friend, identify her personality. For instance;

–    Is she an outgoing person?

If you’re friend is a fun and adventurous person, you could plan a girls outing. She would love this than having a party at a venue. You could go on an outing, pamper yourselves at a spa, eat a good dinner and so on.

–    Is your friend more reserved?

If your friend is a reserved person, who doesn’t enjoy loud music and large number of guests, taking her to the clubs is not a good idea. Instead you could organize a private hens night with a few of her closest friends.

–    Is she a big time party person?

Your friend might be a night person, who enjoys clubbing and partying. For her, you could organize a fun and entertaining party outdoors. It would be the best choice to celebrate this event.

Planning the rest

•    Venue

Based on the above three personalities, it would be easy for you to narrow down the options of venues. For instance you should look for closed areas for a reserved bachelorette versus club for a partygoer.

•    Decorations

Set a theme for the hens night packages Melbourne, get more info that your friend would love. For ideas you could skim through some online. You could think about dress codes that match the theme and so on.

•    Food and beverages

Depending on the budget and crowd that is invited you should arrange a range of food. The menu should have a mix of what your friend and most guests would prefer. To add some fun to the celebration, you should order some drinks as well.

•    Entertainment

A party or outing without some games will not be helpful to pump the energy of the occasion. Therefore, you should have music and also organize some games.  Therefore, all including the bride-to-be could enjoy the function as well.  These are some of the ways for planning a good party for the bride-to-be. It would not only help her enjoy but make the best out of it. For more info about jelly wrestling Melbourne, visit http://www.theplaylounge.com.au/jelly-wrestling/