Planning A Night To Remember – Hens Night Party

Hen’s party is a celebration that the bride-to-be looks forward to. Apart from the most important occasions such as birthdays and weddings, this function is also celebrated loudly. Are you planning a surprise party? Would she prefer a destination bachelorette outing or a reserved occasion? Different individuals celebrate it in various ways such as:

–    Hen’s weekend out

–    Destination bachelorette parties

–    Club night out

–    Private celebrations

If you’re planning to organize a party for your best friend, you should go over a few facts. Depending on how and when you’re planning to have it is another question that needs to be answered. Here are some tips for planning the best function to celebrate the last few days of singlehood of your friend: What type of personality is your friend? Not all of your friends act and prefer the same choices. Since, it’s all about the bride-to-be, you should know what her preferences are. If you’re the closest friend, identify her personality. For instance;

–    Is she an outgoing person?

If you’re friend is a fun and adventurous person, you could plan a girls outing. She would love this than having a party at a venue. You could go on an outing, pamper yourselves at a spa, eat a good dinner and so on.

–    Is your friend more reserved?

If your friend is a reserved person, who doesn’t enjoy loud music and large number of guests, taking her to the clubs is not a good idea. Instead you could organize a private hens night with a few of her closest friends.

–    Is she a big time party person?

Your friend might be a night person, who enjoys clubbing and partying. For her, you could organize a fun and entertaining party outdoors. It would be the best choice to celebrate this event.

Planning the rest

•    Venue

Based on the above three personalities, it would be easy for you to narrow down the options of venues. For instance you should look for closed areas for a reserved bachelorette versus club for a partygoer.

•    Decorations

Set a theme for the hens night packages Melbourne, get more info that your friend would love. For ideas you could skim through some online. You could think about dress codes that match the theme and so on.

•    Food and beverages

Depending on the budget and crowd that is invited you should arrange a range of food. The menu should have a mix of what your friend and most guests would prefer. To add some fun to the celebration, you should order some drinks as well.

•    Entertainment

A party or outing without some games will not be helpful to pump the energy of the occasion. Therefore, you should have music and also organize some games.  Therefore, all including the bride-to-be could enjoy the function as well.  These are some of the ways for planning a good party for the bride-to-be. It would not only help her enjoy but make the best out of it. For more info about jelly wrestling Melbourne, visit

Networking- Why and How?

Networking is one of the commonly thrown around words in the business environment today. Technical know-how and skills, while still important, bow down to the power of business circles and contacts. While confidence in your own capabilities matter a lot, it is also important to know the right kind of people in the right places, and networking done right, will definitely set you on the path to success.

While some people are under the impression that having the right kind of contacts matter mostly while you are still new to the job game, and looking for a job or looking towards a change in your job, the true fact of the matter is that networking will help anyone who is looking to boost, or go forward in their careers. Networking can also help you out in the smallest day to day business activities as well. Let’s assume you are a wedding planner, in a rush to locate the unique wedding reception venues in Melbourne, in a particular city, for a fussy client.

If you have the right kind of contacts in the field, then you will have no trouble in getting access to preview all the best wedding reception venues, in a short period of time. Especially in a service business such as event planning, networking is a crucial element that helps you to provide the best service possible.

If you still haven’t started networking properly, then you might want to get into the game as soon as possible. You can start out by volunteering during your free time. Not only do you end up doing some social service, but you also get to meet other volunteers, who may be a part of the corporate sector. Relationships formed through such informal means, tend to create more trust and a real sense of friendship among those forming them.

Another way to network informally, is by calling up your old schoolmates, college buddies, professors, or any other alumni that you have previously had contacts with. Not only do they get added to your current contact circle, they also bring in their current friends and colleagues into the picture as well.

One form of networking that verges between formal and informal, is social networking. While social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may be considered informal, websites such as LinkedIn provide a more formal setting for online networking. This is now one of the trendiest forms of networking today, and comes with the added benefit of allowing you to find people from various fields in various countries, through a simple search, and suggestions.

If you prefer a more formal form of networking you can attend any networking events or any conferences or industry meetings as well.

Choosing A Costume For Your Child

When it comes to choosing anything for your child, you will want to make sure that it is in fact the best one around; and so it is in the case of choosing the costume that they are looking forward to wearing during the holidays.

Besides although there may be an increasing rush when it comes to picking out the outfit from your local costume shops, there are a few things that you should be able to take into consideration especially if you are choosing to purchase a readymade costume. By making sure that you are able to see to these factors, you are also able to make sure that your child will not only be comfortable when wearing he outfit that you have picked out for him or her but they will also be safe.

Buy the right size
One of the main things that most parents overlook when buying readymade outfits from costume shops Sydney is that the size which is usually because of the said rush. They automatically tend to presume that it is alright to purchase outfit that is a size bigger than that of the child. If it is the case where the parents want to take the time to alter the outfit, it is certainly a good idea; but if they choose to allow the child to wear a size bigger, the extra material from the costume will prove to be an impending hazard to the child throughout the day. For instance, if the child walks past the candles that have been set out to give the Halloween night its spooky glow, his or her oversized costume could easily catch fire without much warning.

Find the right accessories
Although you want your child to be able to look the part and that they will have all the necessary accessories in hand to make them look like the character they want to portray, you will also want to make sure that the accessories will in no way harm them. Fry instance although a sword maybe part of the costume, you will want to make sure that it is made out of rubber instead of wood. In the case of an accident and if the child should fall, there is a bigger chance that he will not hurt himself. Looking for a perfect costume see this page the right place that can cover your needs.

Be creative
And finally don’t fret if you are unable to complete your kids outfit. Do not hesitate to be creative and put a twist on your child’s costume if you are unable to actually find the required parts of the costume.

Different Types Of Invitations

The nature of the invitation depends on the type of the event. During a formal event like a wedding or an office party, making an invitation under the guidance of a professional is the best. Selecting the most suitable mode of inviting also depends on your party budget. However given below are four different ways to invite your friends to an occasion. 

Hand written

Though hand written invitations seem to be easy, this is the only type which you can personalized a lot. You can address your invitee individually with a quote you extracted from an author or a slogan of your own to increase the closeness between the invitee and you. Hand written invites are sufficient for small gatherings under 50 people. Hand written invites are time consuming. Regardless, some couples send a handmade wedding invitation to their invitees individually.


Electronic invitations should not be your first choice for any kind of situation. Many invitees find it rude to receive an invitation via email claiming that it lacks the effect of intimacy or friendship. But, during last minute invitations we are left with no other choice than electronic. Somehow, try to limit the number of invites you send via email

Wedding invitations

This is the most fancy and expensive of them all. Among the most conservative like a handmade wedding invitation, there can be somewhat outrageous and colorful invites depending on the choice of paper and design. A wedding invitation includes all the necessary information like the date, time and venue of the wedding along with a separate blank sheet for RSVP. Depending on the scale of the event, the invitation can be modified with additions like a card to write their thoughts about the marrying couple and an envelope. Wedding invitations are mostly sent via mail while for special invitees they are handed over personally.

Party invitations

One of the most common and informal kind of invites, they too can vary in design and size. The only thing you should remember to include is the date, time and venue of the event and the card is good to be mailed. You can add a joke, some funny quote or be cynical in your card. Events like a birthday party, graduation or a promotion can be sited as examples where such invitations are distributed.

They next time you decide the sent and invitation for an event choose the most suitable one out of the above. But don’t forget to personalize the invitation according to your taste.